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Uncovering your authentic voice


Hi! Welcome

My name is Skyla Grayce and I am here to support you to transform your relationship with your voice.

I have always been a storyteller since I was able to talk and so far I haven’t stopped talking (or telling stories.) My whole life has been calling me, walking me home via the practice of listening. After spending time in an ashram, a lot of meditation and deepening my relationship with nature my everyday is grounded in listening and I am not talking just from my ears. It’s through listening that I was able to find my truth, my voice and able to articulate it clearly.

After working with clients birthing businesses, brands, books and sculpting stories for social media. I was given the opportunity to work with artists and musicians. It was then that I realised that this was something I could really do to support people. So if you are in need to discover, uncover, develop or evolve your voice - got a great story to tell and need help to tell it - I got you - you have come to the right place.

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your soul speaks

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What I am offering is the chance to become conscious about the story you are choosing to tell online and in your business. Be it publicly or behind close doors we are all telling stories all the time. What I do is support you to bring awareness to the stories you tell, that are holding you back and get you to check in with the stories you are offering.

Your Voice is your Voice plain and simple.

Together we strip away the identities that are holding you back and get you to rest in your realness. Where you feel resourced and available. Where together we fall back into what a sustainable image. To that which is natural and can supports you, your customers and the online eco-system in becoming a more friendly and honest place.



Evolve Your Voice mentorship

This is a two month space for you to transform your relationship with your Voice. Each week you are held in a different topic where we explore your resistance to the voice that wants to speak. If you would like to join the next group starts on the 9th January 2019.


Birth the Soul of your business

Are you ready to be seen and let your soul speak? Do you have a message so real that it burns and aches as it asks you to step into the spotlight and open your heart? Let me hold your hand. This is an opportunity for us to work together to unearth the soul body of your work and listen to what it wants to say, how it wants to price and presented in the world.


Speak from the heart one on one

Looking to start to speak up, make videos, have your own podcast, give talks, write copy and give a voice to your work? Never done it before, have strong beliefs about how you are not good enough to do it? Just don’t like doing it but want to be able to? Fell like you are in standing in your own way and need help to over come the stage fright…. I got you.