Skyla Grayce

Birth Your Book.

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Birth Your Book

over THREE WEEKs i work with just you. Together we BIRTH THE VOICE OF YOUR BOOK, outline the structure AND GET YOU WRITING IT.

Want to write a non fiction book and don’t know where to start?

Have a great idea and have huge resistance to writing it? 

Scared to share your story and want to find the confidence to finally do it?

Don't worry, writing a book can be one of the hardest things we choose to do. Not everyone sits down and has it pour out of them. We simply need to discover the whole story before putting pen to paper. Which can feel confronting as it means truly committing to do the work. Once we have worked together you will feel clear on the direction of your book and the experience you are taking the reader on. More importantly you will feel connected to the deeper reason behind why you are writing it which will anchor you as you write.


Birth Your Book in three, three hour sessions. This is for non-fiction writers, creatives and entrepreneurs who are looking to be seen as an authority around who they are and what they do.

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Its just you and me.

Only 1 author a month.



What working together looks likE


Week 1 - 3 hrs

Hearing the idea: What are you writing

Questioning it: Why you are writing it

Getting clear: Who you are writing it for

Find the point: What is your main message


Week 2 - 3 hrs

How your book will be of service

What will it offer to its readers that is of value

What is the optimum way to share the information to serve the reader's experience in receiving it


Week 3 - 3 hrs

The book structure & chapter outline

The journey the reader goes on

The process you wish to share

Landing the end result of the book


Week 4 - 1hr

We go over your book structure and check your outline to find any holes and tighten everything up

This session is all about keeping it simple, clear and clean if we don’t understand it your reader doesn't have a chance


Week 5 - 1hr

You share your experience of writing the book and discuss the book structure to see if any challenges have arisen

Together we work on anything that has come up and complete our time together


1 hour

Creativity Coaching Calls

If you are looking for additional support you are welcome to add on private coaching subject to your own experience at an additional session rate of £111 per hour


Hear their voice.

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Frequently Asked Questions


+ Have you ever written a book?

Yes, you can download my Ebook and I am currently writing another book which I hope to be sharing with you all very soon.

+ What writing experience do you have?

I have been writing throughout my whole life and in a professional capacity since 2010. Working as a copywriter in digital advertising, writing short films, editing scripts for TV and later having had the opportunity to develop my own original concept fantasy drama TV series with a team at Anonymous Content in LA. A project that I am still working on today.

+ How did you learn to do this?

My first client was in 2014, a beautiful writer, speaker and transformation coach called Sophie Sabbage. Author of two books ‘The Cancer Whisperer’ and ‘Life Shocks and how to love them’ I worked with her to birth her business and brand when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As a result of this experience I learned what it was to find the part of someone’s story and body of work that would most serve their ideal reader and serve themselves when time and energy was extremely precious.

+ Can I do a one off sessions?

Yes a three hour one off session is £500. Let’s have a call so I can hear about where you are in your writing process and tailor support to your needs.


In committing to this process you are investing in birthing your book and offering your voice. It would be a privilege to stand beside you as you do this and I can not wait to hear what your book is about.

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