I lay down my sword 

I give myself the gift of freedom 

The gift of freedom of speech

When we are in battle, at war, we are locked in a prison of our own defences. We are holding up a need to be right or a need to make someone wrong. In doing this dance of justice it is a manipulation of what is here. A deeper truth that has no winner, no loser. This war we are in prevents us from being able to speak we are blocked by our own neediness;

to be heard 

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When you step away, when you leave yourself you separate from your centre of gravity and loose all of your power. All of your soul, your source your natural nature. All of you that makes you you, is the gift that needs nothing, and has everything you need. Imagine if we trusted this and could hold ourselves in our wholeness and offer from the epicentre of our is-ness, the purity of our own heart. 

This is what artists do. They courageously gift the world a kaleidoscope of colours taken from the experience of being here shared through the eyes of their own souls experience. 

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Life is one beautiful inquiry and yet every time you open your mouth to say something you don’t have to be in your awareness however when you catch yourself speaking because you need to impress, are commenting from comparison or asserting yourself in a group situation to look like you are apart of something. Feel it, feel what it feels like to speak for the sake of it. Stop and listen. Listen to what is deeper than that false conversation, meaningless mind talk or gap filling you are doing. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable - well what’s wrong with uncomfortable. Nothing when your not trying to get over it, blast through it or numb out to it. Trying to be ok when we are not is the reason for a lot of false talk that takes up way to much air time. If we can acknowledge where we are, how we are and what’s going on for us in a clear and clean way then we can get on with speaking to that which moves us, that which inspires us, that that lives within our hearts. 

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