Skyla Grayce

 Create Your Voice.

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Creative Consultancy
& Strategy.

One off support & monthly retainers


Need to find the voice of your project? Want to be able to articulate your vision? Could you do with a fresh pair of eyes on the team? I got you and offer this in a few different ways.

  • Creative consultancy, 90minute meeting

  • Creative session, 3 hours

  • Days in the office

  • Bespoke retainer we design together


are you willing to let go of your agenda, drop your expectations and say ‘I don’t know’ in order to find the rhythm of your vision again?

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What is Creative Consultancy?

Creative development, strategy, innovation, inspiration, new ideas, using my imagination, problem solving, re-visioning, helping you become unstuck, birthing brands, businesses, products, events, concerts, books and social media campaigns. Breathing new life to your projects and supporting you in finding the heart and soul of your work by giving clear and precise words to it.

Creative consultancy is how I lend my voice to yours in order to achieve your desired outcomes.

What working together looks like.

Fun, easy, effortless. An injection of energy and creative solutions.

This is a bespoke service that depends on your needs, the size of the project and your budget.

I tailor my time to the outcomes you desire to create and price it accordingly.

I can work with you online or in person. You can even fly me to your country.


Hear their Voice.


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Frequently Asked Questions


+ How long have you been doing creative consultancy?

Five years with a wide range of clients. Supporting them in clear communication of their brand/businesses.

+ How did you learn to do this?

I have always advised others on their ideas. This shifted as I hit my thirties to offering advice and creative solutions to friends start ups. In 2014 I put my experience to the test and over 18 months birthed a business, brand and book and it worked. Everything unfolded from there.

+ What makes you different?

I believe that in order to earn the right to to be consulting others on their creative projects you need to be showing up in the creative arena yourself. I allow all my own experience to inform and guide my work.

Basically what makes me different to other consultants is that you and me - we are the same. I am creative, I run a business and I am putting my self / ideas out there. The reason I started this business was to support my own creativity as a screenwriter and so I know what it takes to give birth to an idea and make it happen.


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