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 Your voice is your voice.

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Evolve your voice.

Starts 11th September 2019.

A Two Month Mentorship For creatives and entrepreneurs ready to peel back the stories limiting their voice.

Maybe you want to speak up about yourself and your business but feel stuck and frozen? Or you feel like you are producing loads of content and not getting anywhere? You desperately want to come across as authentic but have no idea where to start and never feel like your posts get to the point you are trying to make. Or have you just had enough of measuring your self esteem and self worth by how many likes you get? Oh I know sister.


Evolve Your Voice opens you up to the choices you have to create consciously online.

It empowers you to speak up

it breathes confidence into your creative lungs

it reminds you that what you have to offer in this moment is enough

It breaks the habit of procrastination that keeps you stuck in trying to create the perfect post

It stops the exhaustion of batch produced your content

It finds the freedom of being moved to share

It brings you freedom, freedom to express what is needed in order to serve from a hearty place of simple truths that sustain your community online and yourself

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 Evolve your voice.

This September 2019.



Evolve Your Voice is a two month mentorship that guides you to speaking up authentically about who you are and what you do.

It drops you deeper into yourself so that you are able to give the truth a voice by articulating what you want to say clearly and with heart.

It challenges your identities, ideas and beliefs around speaking, sharing and creating content.

It shatters any illusions that hold you back and nourishes your natural creativity and ability.

It asks you to stop doing so much and calls you back into quality right home to listen to what it is you and your business needs in order to allow your gifts to shine brightly.

It moves you into practical actions that can sustain and serve you so that you can sustain and serve others.


9 weeks, 9 topics.

  1. Resistance

  2. Listening

  3. Say what you Mean

  4. Natural Creativity

  5. Sustainable Image

  6. Conscious Content  

  7. Friends or Followers

  8. The Power of my Voice

  9. Completion Call



What you get:

  • 5 x group Zoom calls

  • 4 x video downloads

  • 8 x audio downloads

  • 8 x workbooks

  • A closed community

  • a buddy system to hold you accountable

  • Live Support where you can share your experiences and get feedback from me


Limited places.

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Hear my voice.


Hear their voice.

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Transform the relationship you have with your Voice by cultivating clear and conscious content that aligns with your heart and honours the truth.

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Frequently asked questions.

+ How many people are on the course?

I have a maximum of 16 people to make sure I can give each person the time and attention they need.

+ How long are the calls?

90 minutes.

+ How are the calls delivered?

On Zoom and are recordered so if you choose to watch them back you can.

+ What happens if I miss a call?

You are sent a recording so that you don't miss a thing.

+ What if I don’t think I will have enough time to look over all the content and do the workbook but still want to do it?

The mentorship is designed for you to get as much out of it that you can. If you want to do all the workbook and digest all the content you can, however for the mum who is interested or the entrepreneur with the start up don’t worry I got you. The reason there is audio, video, a workbook and calls is that even if you pick one aspect per week it will be enough for us to find a route into supporting you. You know how you best take in information and so I trust that you will discern what’s best for you.


Evolve your voice.

Mini Ebook

I wrote this EYV Ebook in order to serve + support anyone interested in finding a new way to offer their voice online. Its 22 pages, short - sweet + yours at the click of a button.

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