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 Love Your Voice.

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Private Coaching.

8 weeks 8 hours


Love Your Voice is an eight week program with one hour long session per week.

There is a quarterly intake that gives space for three individuals only. The next intake is open and starts in September 2019.

These sessions are for you to explore what it means to evolve your voice and to free your creative expression. For you to grow personally in communicating consciously and clearly for yourself and in your business. We will look at creating conscious content and a sustainable image online. I am here to be of service to the freedom of your voice.


To love your voice takes courage and giving yourself time. It is not a quick fix but a loving kindness that flows towards yourself. this is alignment without the doing of aligning. It is the meditation of self honesty. an inner Clarity and sincerity. A commitment to saying what you mean. To share the value you have  unfiltered. To truly serve others by leading by example. To ground yourself to the earth. To relinquish your addiction to perfectionism. To value the truth and value your own freedom.

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Where it all begins

The wounds we have around speaking can feel deeply personal, this is why I offer private coaching to anyone who would like to work with me on their own, before joining a group, to develop their voice in clear and conscious communication.

I really understand what it’s like to feel unable to speak, to feel silenced, to swallow your words and to get mixed up around what you want to say.

Often the steps to share our voice are very simple and yet it feels so hard. We over think what we need to do in order to offer ourselves and get stuck in our unreachable expectations of how it needs to be. This, in addition to being perfect leaves us unable to move forward.

Before we work together you will likely have reached a bottom line around your voice and feel like you have had enough of struggling. Its ok to feel in a bit of a pickle.

After the session my intention is to have moved you towards a place of clarity that serves to sustain you and offers practical next steps, ones that are achievable and have integrity.


What working together looks like

There is no process I am going to take you through, no five point plan or seven steps to success that I want to sell you. You are you and what you need will present itself as we work together, not before.

The main premises for my work is that I don't pretend to know anything and I promise you nothing. I simply listen and hold space for a deeper truth to emerge, and for you to be able to do the work you need to do in order to speak up.  

I don’t have a coaching accreditation because I am yet to find one that is not centred around a process of fixing someone. I do not believe that you are broken or that you fit in a box. What you need is what you need.

Listening is my teacher, it is what I am in devotion to, it is what I am lending my life to. It loves me back with deeper levels of creativity and freedom and so I offer this to you because it is something I offer to myself and live my life by.

So let me dance in the darkness with you. Hold your hand and love you as you choose to grow - and die to what you know - so that your voice can be your voice, not an idea you have or like someone else's.


Important Note

I am not a therapist or a medical doctor. I do not give advice or tell you what to do. I trust that you will take full responsibility for your actions.  I only recommend these sessions if you are looking to move towards a sense of clarity that concerns your creativity, your voice, communication of the expression of your gifts, offerings, products or services. The work I deliver is centered around creativity and communication with clarity.

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Hear their Voice.

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Frequently Asked Questions


+ How long have you been doing private coaching?

I have been coaching for five years with a wide range of individuals. Supporting them in clear communication of their brands and businesses. I have also worked with musicians and artisits to help them articulate the deeper creative messages behind their work, this then led to creative consultancy, birthing books and working in partnership with others on their creative projects.

+ Do you have any credentials?

Yes, I am a certified Transcendental Meditation Teacher graduating in Holland, MERU 2014. I have a degree a BA (Hons) Drama & Theatre Arts from Goldsmiths University 2007.

+ Can I get a recording of the session?

Yes, all our work is recorded. I currently use zoom and if we are in person I also record the sessions so that you can listen back afterwards.


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